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Who are we?

A company with experience
We work in the field of remote monitoring since 1981.

An accredited Alarm Control Center
The operators of our monitoring station receive rigorous training at the time of hiring and regularly thereafter, which allows them to act quickly and send the appropriate emergency services according to the received alarm type. Our operators have a license issued by the Office of Private Security and is certified by the Central Station Alarm Association (CSAA).

Here are some features of our services:

Reliability of the control system

The computer system is fully duplicated to eliminate any risk of prolonged service interruption. The system is connected to an uninterruptible power supply (UPS 40 kilowatts) and an alternative source of energy produced by a generator (200 amps at 600 volts), which ensures continuous operation in case of short or long term power failure.

Alarm Priority Management System

The alarm priority management system ensures that all emergency signals are given priority.

Additional Control Center

In case of disaster, we have a backup monitoring station ready to take over.


Our control center has been accredited by Underwriters Laboratories of Canada (ULC) since 1990, record numbers CPVXC.BP 7346 "Burglar Alarm Systems, Monitoring station, mercantile premises grade AA" and DAYIC.S6780 "Protective signalling services, central station, watchman, fire alarm and supervisory. "

We also hold anelectronic security systemslicense from the Office of Private Security.

Remote access

Our logistic support allows you to have access to your file automatically from our secure website and have the following options:
description of the area under alarm and guidelines specific to this zone;

  • history of all received signals, including date and time;
  • instructions associated with each file;
  • personalized identification.

Liability insurance

We are covered by an error and omission insurance.

Accessibility across Canada

Our receivers are available throughout Canada in order to enable remote monitoring of your alarm system, no matter where it is in the country.

Computerized reports

We can produce various computerized reports:

  • incident reports describing the approach taken by the operator including the time, date and the sequence of events;
  • history including the received signal to a particular area and including all system activities during a given period;
  • full records of armed and disarmed system which states the date, time and name of the user who armed or disarmed the system, if this option has been activated in the client alarm panel.

Flexibility of services

The system's flexibility allows you to add temporary guidelines (e.g.,change the contact list during the holiday season). The guidelines given orally may be held up to 15 days while written directives have no expiration date. (For a written directive, you must get in touch with your installer)